Expanscape aspire to something we like to call the 3 'U's. This philosophy was developed by our founder as a means to recognise the importance of renewable, user maintainable technology and reconcile the enforced premature obsoletion and reduced utililty endemic in the current technology sphere.

The 3 'U's are:


Utility represents a crucial priority in every product we design and produce. Utility will always remain our focus. All our products are based on feedback from professionals in the Cyber Security, Data Science, Money Market, and Content Creator industries.


We specialise in fitting square pegs in circulur holes. We bring difficult ideas to fruition no matter how extreme. We provide robust uncompromising solutions that encompass the full gamut of the provided design remit.


We design and produce solutions no one else dares to. We believe conventions are there to be defied every now and then. We don't design "Vapour Ware" either. We will bring all our products to market - Even in prototype form as this allows us to improve our products with customer feedback.

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